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Aug 21, 2011 3:00pm EDT
all. >> you and i agree on that. steve, you and i both agree on the idea that we need to fix the tax code and not just raising taxes only on the rich, although i'm more sympathetic to that than you are. i do think that revenues have to be part of the equation. it has to be a part of a more streamlined, better understanding tax code. a simpler tax code. broaden the tax base. we need to get these behavior distorting things out of the tax code for corporations so they can figure out how to plan going forward. >> there's one other thing the president can do right away. he could just call a time out on regulations. for example, you know, there's probably 100,000 jobs you could create almost overnight by allowing drilling in the gulf right now. this kind of black cloud of uncertainty about regulation is something we don't talk a lot about, but when i talk to businessmen and women, they say that's really -- >> we go back and forth on this. you have to take me out to lunch to explain this better to me. but the fact is ultimately. >> these guys still haven't gotten together for lunch. >> we'r
Aug 7, 2011 3:00pm EDT
that. but that's on the margin. these are all marginal tools. i agree with steve that fundamental tax reform in the longer haul could get us to a better, more competitive plain in terms of competitiveness. that said, i'm not the super optimist. i listen to norm a lot and i believe him and think highly of him. and i'm more than disappointed in our ability to come up with these. i think it's important to think about in terms of the federal reserve, this is putting a lot of weight on the shoulders of central banks around the world. the european central bank, disappointed this week by -- >> and look what happened. >> and look what happened, exactly. that helped to trigger the major losses we saw in the market this week. and the reality is that we're running out of tool kits. i think the fed can do more. and i think they're going to be considering it. certainly the employment report we saw on friday helps take some of the burden off the fed for doing something immediately. but any way you cut it, if the european central bank does more, the fed will be likely pulled into the picture in one
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)